A graduate of USC and a Los Angeles portrait photographer for twenty years, Nomi’s clients included corporations, celebrities, and hundreds of loyal families whose lives she lovingly documented.

In 1992, Nomi found an exciting new avenue to creatively express her passion for family and children's portraiture. When introduced to the brand new fields of painting and graphics technology, she was instantly struck with a vision of what she wanted to do artistically … combine traditional painting and drawing with the latest developments in graphics. It was a transformative moment, taking her portraiture career in an entirely new direction!

Nomi had been studying portrait drawing and art history at UCLA for several years. To further educate herself and develop her personal technique, she added courses in graphic design, color theory and computer graphics. At the California Art Institute and at many weeklong workshops with top traditional artists, she studied life drawing and watercolor painting.

Nomi is recognized as a pioneer in the use of fine art technology. She is proud to be a Corel Painter® Master Elite, having had a long and productive working relationship with the wonderful staff of Corel Painter®.

Nomi and her husband, Gerry Beane, live at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard, California. They have five children and ten grandchildren.

Nomi is deeply grateful to her clients, friends and family for their continued support which has allowed her the opportunity to make family and children's portraiture her life’s work.

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Ventura County Star, March 7, 2017
Winning Strawberry Festival Poster Unveiled in Oxnard

The image of a seaside picnic of strawberries and wine — created by mixing watercolor painting with digital technology — is the winning design for this year's California Strawberry Festival. It will be featured on all marketing material and souvenirs for the festival, scheduled for May 20 and 21 in Oxnard.

Nomi Wagner, of Oxnard, created the artwork and received a $2,000 prize during the unveiling Tuesday at Yolanda's Mexican Cafe in Oxnard. This marks the 34th year for both the poster contest and the festival.

Wagner said she arranged all the elements for the picnic on the dunes near her Oxnard home, photographed the display, then used her digital watercolor technique to digitally paint each stroke from scratch, using the photo as a reference.

"It was Nomi's innovative technique and the textures of color that really set her creation apart from all the others," said festival chairwoman Kim Gibas. This was the first year that all forms of digital design were allowed, and a record 70 entries were received.

To read more about Nomi's winning entry, click on her Blog post:


Billboard on the 101 Freeway!


I am frequently asked to paint portraits of my clients’ family members who have passed away. I am honored to be trusted with their personal memories and grateful that I am able to do this work. As a young child, I realized the preciousness of family with the death of my father in World War II and my beloved grandparents shortly thereafter. These early losses were pivotal and led me into my careers of portrait photography and now portrait painting. My goal is for you to enjoy and be comforted by the display of elegant and personally meaningful portraiture in your home. I’m often asked which is my favorite portrait. It is this black&white painting I did of my father and me from a photo taken in 1941.

Nomi Wagner Dad

To me, all my portraits are bittersweet. They all reflect special moments in time that we want to remember ... moments that celebrate life and mark the best of times ... moments that tug at our hearts and remind us of how both sad and wondrous it is to love.

Doing this work is never easy for me, but very fulfilling. I feel both the joy and pain of my clients. They put their trust in me and I have an immense responsibility to capture not only the beauty I see, but also the character of my subjects and the emotion of that exact moment in time. I’m so blessed to have found this challenging work that I love.


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