I sincerely appreciate your interest in having me create a one-of-a-kind portrait painting or drawing for you. Please contact me with any questions. I would be very happy to hear from you and there is no obligation.

My goal is to work closely with you to produce a unique, personalized watercolor portrait that will be cherished by your family for years to come.

Commissioning me is FUN!
I love doing this work and I want you to love your portrait! I put my heart and soul into each custom painting, incorporating your personal preferences and tastes. I welcome your feedback and collaborate with you throughout the creative process, emailing you as your portrait is being created, so that you can view the Work in Progress and give me your input. I enjoy working as a team and my clients tell me that they enjoy working with me on their projects.
My watercolor painting technique
I have combined my passion for classic portrait painting and my fine art training with my appreciation of graphics technology. I paint and draw each stroke traditionally from scratch, using a stylus and graphics tablet. My dedication to fine art portraiture means being a purist and using photos only for reference and inspiration. Bridging the best of both worlds—traditional painting and state of the art technology—I paint in a conventional watercolor style, never manipulating the reference photographs.

Working this way, I can make additions or changes throughout the work in progress, without damaging your painting. I can be spontaneous and try new things, knowing that I can always revert to a previous saved version of the portrait. Once you give me your final approval, I print your portrait on fine art watercolor paper or canvas along with any additional gift prints you might desire. If your painting is ever damaged, during shipping or later, it can be reprinted from the original file. That’s very comforting!

Selecting from your photos
The two main things to think about are the quality of the photographs and how they affect you emotionally. If you choose a photo that touches your heart, it will inspire me to paint a great portrait! I encourage you to send lots of photos for me to use as references. I strive to paint accurate and flattering portraits. Photos that are sharply focused and high resolution help me see good facial detail. You are welcome to contact me for assistance in selecting from your personal photos.

In order for me to see the most detail, digital photos should be high resolution, taken on the camera’s highest quality setting. The most common type of digital photo, JPEG, will work just fine if it is high resolution. However, if your camera is capable of creating RAW digital files, they provide even greater detail and are preferred.

I would appreciate it if you would contact me, prior to taking new photos, for my recommendations and tips. I welcome your photos taken by professional photographers, but will need their release for any copyrighted images.

Sending your photos
Choose the "Actual Size" setting if emailing photos from a phone. If emailing photos from your computer, make sure "Actual Size" is selected when composing the email.

You can choose to send digital photos to me via e-mail or upload them on my Contact page. If you are sending more than a few photos, I can provide you with a link to my Dropbox. Please contact me for my recommendations when you are planning to mail or ship older photos taken with film cameras. I will carefully scan and return them to you.

Portrait fees
Each commissioned custom portrait is unique, requiring a different amount of my time and expertise. Some projects take a few days and some take me several months. Portrait fees are based on the painting style chosen, number of people, quality of the photos, and complexity of the project.

A deposit of 50% is required to begin your project with the balance due upon completion. Visa, MasterCard and AmEx are accepted. Portraits are shipped USPS. Please let me know if your portrait is to be a surprise and needed by a special date. I love surprises!

Additional prints for gift-giving, custom framing, and greeting cards are available.

Please contact me for more information.