Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist


Painting of a grandmother and granddaughter

Traditional Watercolor Painting

I sincerely appreciate your interest in having me create a portrait painting or drawing for yourself or to give as a gift. I refer to your recent or older photos, perhaps one of a loved one who has passed away. Please contact me with any questions. I would be very happy to hear from you and there is no obligation.

It's easy to commission a portrait

  • Just send a favorite photo or photos
  • Tell me what you have in mind
  • I will create your portrait and ship it to your door

Your family will cherish your personalized watercolor portrait for years to come.

My portrait styles

  • Traditional Watercolor Painting
  • Black and White Watercolor Drawing
  • Sepia Watercolor Drawing

Watercolor portrait of a family

Traditional Watercolor Painting

I am here to help!
I love doing this work and I want you to love your gorgeous portrait. I put my heart and soul into each custom painting, incorporating your personal preferences and tastes.

I'll email you as your portrait is being created, so that you can view the work in progress and give me your input. My clients tell me that they enjoy the creativity of collaborating with me on their projects.

"Nomi, It's been an absolute delight working with you ... "   Bill, Washington, D.C.

Custom portrait painting of a couple

Black and White Watercolor Drawing

My watercolor painting technique
I've combined my training in fine art and graphics technology. I paint and draw each stroke traditionally from scratch, using a stylus and graphics tablet with Corel Painter® software. I am honored to be a Corel Painter® Master Elite.

I use photos only for reference and inspiration. Bridging the best of both worlds—traditional painting and the latest technology—I paint your portrait in a conventional watercolor style, never manipulating the reference photographs.

Painting of 3 dogs

Traditional Watercolor Painting

Throughout the work in progress, I can make additions or changes without damaging your painting. I can be spontaneous and try new things, knowing that I can always revert to a previous saved version of your portrait.

Once you give me your final approval, my husband prints your portrait with archival inks on fine art watercolor paper or canvas. Let me know if you would like additional prints for homes, offices, or gifts.

If your portrait is ever damaged, during shipping or later, it can be reprinted from the original file. Isn't that comforting?!

Custom drawing of a woman and dogs

Sepia Watercolor Drawing

Are there hidden treasures in your photo collection?
I bet you have some photos that always bring a smile or tug at your heart—but are rarely looked at. Those personal photos inspire me to paint stunning artworks for you. You and your family will now enjoy these memories as fine art on the walls of your home. 

Black and white drawing of a childBlack and White Watercolor Drawing

Feel free to send lots of reference photos. I want to paint and draw an accurate and flattering portrait that you will treasure.

Photos that are focused and high resolution help me see facial detail. I can help you select from your personal photos.

If taking new photos, I'm happy to help you with photography tips. I welcome your photos taken by professional photographers, but will need their release for any copyrighted images.

Portrait painting of a couple in Venice

Traditional Watercolor Painting

Ways you can send your photos

  • Email your files to me
  • Upload your files at the bottom of my Contact page
  • Ask me to send you a Dropbox folder

Choose the "Actual Size" setting if emailing photos from a phone. If emailing photos from your computer, make sure "Actual Size" is selected when composing the email.

Sepia watercolor portrait

Sepia Watercolor Drawing

Portrait fees

Note: You are purchasing a one-of-a-kind luxury work of art, made just for you. I do not manipulate your photos in any way. I draw and paint freehand, stroke by stroke from scratch. Painting traditionally, I spend many many hours creating your personalized custom portrait. 

Each commissioned custom portrait is unique, requiring a different amount of time. Some projects are straightforward and take me a few days and some are quite complicated and can take several months. 

Portrait sizes:

Painting commissions include a portrait of any size you desire up to 30x40 inches on archival fine art watercolor paper or canvas. 

Drawing commissions include a portrait of any size you desire up to 11x14 inches on archival fine art watercolor paper, with larger sizes available.

Portrait fees are based on the:

  • Painting or drawing style you choose
  • Number of people and pets in your portrait
  • Close-up, mid-body, or full-length pose
  • Complexity of the project
  • Quality of the photos

Portrait fee range:

  • Drawing fees range from $300-750 per person or pet.
  • Painting fees range from $750-1500 per person or pet.
  • Special pricing consideration is given for groups of two or more. 
  • Detailed backgrounds range from $100-500.

Please contact me for an estimate. There is no obligation.

Portrait of a mother and sonsTraditional Watercolor Painting

Payment information

A deposit of 50% is required to begin your project with the balance due upon completion. Visa, MasterCard, AmEx , Venmo and PayPal are accepted.

PayPal Credit allows special financing such as no payment or interest if fee is paid in full in 6 months.


Portraits are shipped USPS. Please let me know if your portrait is to be a surprise and needed by a special date. I love surprises!

Extra goodies

You may order additional prints for offices, vacation homes, or gifts to be treasured forever. 

I can have your portrait professionally framed to suit your taste.

Beautiful greeting cards featuring your portrait are available.

Watercolor portrait painting of children

Traditional Watercolor Painting

Please contact me with any questions or for an estimate. I look forward to hearing from you.