Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Client Testimonials

Hi Nomi,

It is perfect. Thank you so much; it is absolutely beautiful. I love it!!!!!!! This is exactly what I wanted except that it is even lovelier than I had pictured in my head. I guess I don’t have to tell you that you are amazingly talented. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and for being so patient with me and working with me and the many, many photos (80) that I sent before we finally got some that you could work with. It is unbelievable how you pulled it all together for me.
Dacula, Georgia



A photo that touches your heart will inspire me to paint a gorgeous portrait! But, if you are like most of my clients, you do not have one perfect, sharp, high resolution source photo for your portrait painting. I encourage you to email or upload many reference photos so that I will have plenty of good source material to choose from. I paint each portrait from scratch and it’s fun playing detective, searching each photo for little clues about my subjects and incorporating these details into their paintings. In fact, my portrait paintings often become a kind of fantasy, with backgrounds different from the reference photos and combined poses with more than just the original person.

To surprise his wife, one client emailed 279 old and new photos when she was away from her computer. I was able to find little reference details in many of the photos. We communicated via email and phone as he received the emailed “work in progress” from me. I love working as a team, and I hope you will email lots of photos so I can be as accurate as possible and paint a personally meaningful portrait that you will love forever.