Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Client Testimonial

Dear Nomi,
And now I have your Fine Art Photographs of the Eiffel Tower along with your Landscape Paintings of Italy. They are hanging all over the Day Spa. You have created the perfect mood for my clientele.
Love them all! Love you!
Ventura, California


My photographs reflect images that have special appeal to me. They range from the beauty of nature and urban scenes to off-beat candids. I asked for a Brownie Hawkeye for my 10th birthday and have been snapping away ever since. It's really fun for me and very creatively fulfilling. Before I became a portrait painter, I was a professional portrait photographer for 20 years.

I take lots of photographs when we travel, thinking I will come home and make paintings. But, alas, there’s rarely time. So I hope you like my photographs just the way they are. Those photographs without recognizable people are available for purchase in all sizes, as limited edition prints and as wall decor for homes, offices, and businesses.