Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Bride Flight

by Nomi Wagner

Have you ever been so enthralled by a book or movie that it becomes part of you and you can hardly breathe? That is what has happened to me since seeing the movie Bride Flight and now reading the book, both written by Marieke van der Pol of the Netherlands. My husband Gerry and I first saw the movie this past summer and have now watched the DVD several times. Each time, we notice new things and gain deeper insights.

I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends, so last night my Book Club came to Dinner and Movie Night in our home — homemade chicken soup, sandwiches, delicious desserts made by my dear friend Judy, and, of course, popcorn and candy. To set the mood for movie time, Gerry rearranged the furniture to look like a theater. My friends were as moved by the film as I have been.

The story is based on actual history. I will not spoil it for you here because I don’t like it when people do that to me. But I will tell you that it deals with risk, love, choices, regret, youth, aging, parenthood, control, secrets, promises, fear, passion, envy, betrayal, evil, survival, disillusionment, conciliation, loss, chance, fate … in short, life. Now you can see why I can’t stop thinking about this epic story, the magnificent film, and the marvelous actors. I am halfway through the beautifully written book and know that I will be reading it again. It goes much deeper into the characters and events. This story truly takes my breath away.

★★★★★ Rated R