Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Virtual Paige

by Nomi Wagner

I want to tell the world about a young woman who is very special to me. I met Paige Miller this past summer. Our husbands are members of BNI and now golfing buddies. I had been procrastinating for years about writing a blog; I couldn’t imagine posting anything on a regular basis that wouldn’t bore people to tears. It seemed like it would be total drudgery.

On a long drive to meet our husbands for dinner, following their golf tournament, I asked Paige what she liked to do. She said she loved to write and edit other people’s writing. Bingo! I asked Paige if she would help me with my blog, PR, and also the social networking thing, which confuses me and freaks me out.  “No problem,” said Paige … and a beautiful working relationship and friendship was born.

Paige is gifted with both left and right brain skills and has a great sense of design. I email her my writing and images, and she posts them in a beautiful, artful manner, making me look good! Knowing that I have Paige at my back to correct my grammar, etc., I have become a writing fool! I wake up in the middle of the night with all sorts of ideas for blog posts. Paige makes few changes in my actual writing; she just smooths it out where needed and enhances the posts in subtle ways. If I were pressed for time she would do the writing for me, as she does for other clients. What I appreciate about Paige is that I can write in my own voice, but she is there to brainstorm, give me feedback, quietly correct, design the look of each post, and upload to all the necessary places in this fast-moving world.

Here is a link to Paige. My gift to you!