Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga … Oh My!

by Nomi Wagner
Keeping fit with my mom and brother.

Question: Nomi, how do you keep your girlish figure at age almost-72 while spending so much time sitting at a computer?

Answer: Exercise classes, my dear – one to two hours every weekday.

The truth is that I hate to exercise. Even motivating myself to go for a walk on our beach doesn’t work since our dog died. But put me in a classroom with a good teacher and like-minded souls, and I am in heaven. Crazy, you say? Yes, but it works for me.

Not only do I belong to two gyms, but my husband, brother and I also exercise with my almost-94-year-old mom every week at her adult fitness class. I attend two additional Silver Sneakers® adult fitness classes (free weights, elastic bands, balance exercises) plus yoga, pilates and tai chi chih classes. I adore my teachers and have made good friends over many years in all the classes.

Each hour of class goes by very quickly, and it feels as though I am in a chorus line with everyone trying their best to do the same thing. Since I plan to come back as a famous Broadway dancer, this will do until then.