Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

An Eagle Soars

by Nomi Wagner

Would you like to hear about a thrilling day for our family?

Our grandson Adam is a Life Scout in Agoura Hills, CA, Boy Scout Troop 127. To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, Adam is required to conceive, design, lead, carry out, and complete a project that benefits the community.


Amphitheater in need of repair

Adam’s chosen project was to refurbish a dangerously rundown amphitheater area at Malibu Creek State Park, replacing the damaged seating logs and overlaying all the logs with a composite wood plank material. Hundreds of people use the amphitheater year round. Due to budget cuts, the California Parks and Recreation Department lacks the resources to carry out such a task.


Adam directing his volunteers

Adam raised over $5000 in donations for his project and, displaying impressive maturity and leadership skills, directed 50 volunteers (Boy Scouts, park rangers, troop advisors, troop parents, friends and family) in restoring the seating and also beautifying the surrounding landscape, fire pit and amphitheater stage.


A beehive of activity

It was an amazing day, and at the end we stood gazing in awe at what had been accomplished. The park rangers, so dedicated to their work, were profoundly moved and extremely grateful.


New seating coming up!

PS: We will soon have 3 Eagle Scouts in our family: Adam, Adam’s father Scott, and our grandson Jackson. In this fast-changing world, it’s comforting to know that there are still hardworking, generous young people with old-fashioned values and a love of the land. We are in good hands.

Great job, Adam!

Adam congratulated by Park Ranger Angel Alba.