Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Art for Our Garden

by Nomi Wagner

I’m a sucker for succulents! To me they are fabulous works of art, amazing sculptures in lovely colors with a variety of textures. I learned today that succulents are actually 4 dimensional art … like 3 dimensional sculpture, but with the added dimension of growth … art that is changing from day to day.

This morning we visited Gary Blum at Heritage Succulents in Oxnard. Gary is beautifying our city with succulents. He is a marvelous teacher and award winning landscape designer. We purchased a beautiful variety of awesome looking plants for our garden and front porch. I was excited to find out that succulents do fine in sun or shade.

Happily, succulents will grow in most parts of the USA and require very little maintenance. Because they are drought-resistant, we especially appreciate them here in California.

As a portrait artist, I enjoy macro-photography of flowers and plants as a form of portraiture. I hope you enjoy the photos I just took of two of our new plants. Do you have a close-up flower setting on your camera? Try it and get some great nature portraits and abstract art. You don’t have to remind the flowers and plants to smile … they will put a smile on your face!