Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Georgia Doggies Go Hollywood! A Portrait Painting of Pets

by Nomi Wagner

A client in Georgia sent me this email:

Hi Nomi,

As a surprise for my husband, I would like to have our three dogs painted in one portrait. But after going through all of our photos last night, I am not sure if I really have any good photos that will work for a good arrangement. I am afraid that I may need to take some more photos.


My client helped me so much by sending over 80 new and old photos and communicating via email and phone as she received the emailed “work-in-progress” from me. I love working as a team, and I encourage my clients to email lots of photos to me so I can be as accurate as possible and paint a personally meaningful portrait that they will love forever. It’s fun playing detective when I paint a portrait, searching for little clues about my subjects in their photos and incorporating these details into their paintings. My client viewed my website and liked the backgrounds I had painted at our beach in California … so the painting is of her 3 doggies on a west coast vacation!


Hi Nomi,

It is perfect. Thank you so much; it is absolutely beautiful. I love it!!!!!!! This is exactly what I wanted except that it is even lovelier than I had pictured in my head. I guess I don’t have to tell you that you are amazingly talented. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and for being so patient with me and working with me and the many, many photos that I sent before we finally got something that you could work with.