Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

We may be SMALL, but we are Santas, too! Holiday Shopping from Small Business Owners

by Nomi Wagner

I’ve been reading a lot lately about supporting small businesses for holiday and year-round shopping. As a small business owner, I think it’s a great idea! I so appreciate the support my clients give to my portrait art, and I truly enjoy the wonderful relationships we have developed. Many of my clients are in other states, as well as in foreign countries, and the Internet has made it possible for us to work together.

With the world so accessible, we can all enjoy excellent customer service and high quality not only from our own local businesses, but also from small businesses all over the planet. I have often taken the easy road and purchased gifts or gift cards online from big businesses. But this season I will do research (online) and find small businesses … local restaurants, services, artisans, or shops in my relatives’ hometowns. It will be fun to purchase a gift, a gift certificate, or a gift card from one of these small business owners. I know my relatives will be pleased, and I will be supporting other small business owners – people who are following their bliss, working hard, and providing gifts from their heart.

Happy Holidays from one of the smallest Santas!