Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Still Holding the Paintbrush

by Nomi Wagner

I have loved Dustin Hoffman since seeing “The Graduate” in 1967, and I can’t wait to see “Quartet,” the first movie he has directed. “Quartet” is a story about us old folks who won’t give up. Dustin Hoffman is 75 and I just turned 73. Nicole Sperling’s LA Times article this morning really resonates with me.

LA Times Entertainment 

In her article, Ms. Sperling quotes Mr. Hoffman: “The aging process in a human being compromises you: You’re not as flexible as you used to be. You can’t run as fast. You don’t sing the same. Yet, the thing that runs parallel to that is one’s spirit. It can either shrink or widen. And that is an extraordinary thing to me. What this group of people have in common is the refusal of giving up, the refusal of retiring, the refusal of living in a more limited fashion spiritually. I think that’s a worthwhile thing to make a movie about.”
On the set, Hoffman found his rhythm, describing the experience as more exhilarating — and exhausting — than he imagined. “You are holding the paintbrush,” he says.

I know that I, for one, am feeling more energized and curious than ever. I’m just glad that Google is free, because I look things up 24/7. So here is to all us crazy old folks who are still out there doing our thing, trying new things and constantly learning. I may not be able to run down the stairs anymore or remember everything I read about, but that’s not going to stop me! I am grateful to be alive and still able to work at my painting … for as long as I can.
P.S..- If you haven’t seen Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson in the 2008 movie, “Last Chance Harvey,” give yourself a treat.