Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Paprika, My Favorite App!!!

by Nomi Wagner

Are your favorite recipes scattered among files, cookbooks and on all those old 3×5 cards? Would you like to organize your recipes and have them available on your cell phone when you go grocery shopping? And how about having the ability to capture recipes from the web in a nanosecond? Not to worry … PAPRIKA TO THE RESCUE!!!

I have Paprika on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, and they’re all coordinated with the Paprika Cloud Sync. Paprika is also available for Android users. My guilty pleasure is browsing and uploading Paprika recipes on my iPad in the middle of the night! What a wild woman I’ve become!

With the click of a button, recipes are cleanly (no ads!) captured to Paprika from the websites of most major food magazines and recipe sites such as Epicurious and Food Network. But even entering recipes from blogs, etc., takes me less than a minute of highlighting and clicking. I’ve also entered my own personal recipes (even found some favorites from the 1960’s that I copied from the web), so that everything is stored in one place and categorized. The app also makes it easy to generate grocery lists based on the recipes I have saved. I can easily email Paprika recipes to my friends and family who are Paprika users; the more we use it, the more fun we’re all having!

When cooking, I prop up my iPad in the kitchen. Paprika will scale the ingredient amounts if needed and I can make notes right on the recipe. I tap to cross off ingredients once I’ve used them, and tap later to un-cross them. I can also keep my place by tapping to highlight each step of the directions as I proceed. So helpful!

I have little creative energy left after a long day of portrait painting, so I would like to give a shout out for my three new time savers: the Ninja Blender BL660 , the Calphalon® 2-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender, and my amazing Instant Pot IP-LUX60 Programmable Pressure Cooker. My old standby and beloved KitchenAid Food Processor also deserves my gratitude. Together with Paprika and my husband Gerry, who helps cook and insists on doing clean up, cooking is fun again!

Bon appetit! Paprika me your favorite recipes, and I will do the same.