Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Stepping Out … It’s Moving Day

by Nomi Wagner

For over 40 years, there have been lots of stairs in all our homes, and I’m sure they have had a big part in keeping us strong and healthy. This last townhouse, although it has a great ocean view and is next door to our dear friends Judy and Ron, has 5 levels and 32 interior stairs! Gerry and I were ok with it until this past month when I got a severe reaction to penicillin and could barely hoist myself up one stair, let alone 32. It got us thinking that maybe this isn’t the best house for us, now that we are into our 70’s. So we are downsizing! We’re moving to a lovely, but smaller, one story home in our same community … just a short walk from this one and with a nice studio for my portrait painting.

Downsizing feels so good. We have thrown out a ton of unnecessary “stuff.” The rest has been donated to our local Cancer Care Thrift Center, helping cancer patients in need by providing financial assistance to pay for their medications and treatments. Gerry and I will now be living lean and mean, except of course for my gazillion art books, photo albums and scrapbooks. Some things are sacred!

Of course now we will have to find some stairs to keep us in shape. And, speaking of stairs, we found out why the only chubby people in Europe are the tourists! Europeans walk or bicycle everywhere, and they live up lots of stairs. The apartments we rented this spring, in Amsterdam and Paris, both had circular stairs. The one in Paris had 54 of them and there were three more floors above our apartment! After walking for 10 hours most days, those stairs nearly killed us. The good part was that we ate a lot of fabulous food on our vacation and came home thinner and in better shape than when we left!

A mom and kids in Amsterdam.


Biking and texting in Amsterdam.


Our killer Paris stairs.


Best Falafel in Paris!


World’s best chocolate cake at Musee d’Orsay.


Our Fromage lady in Paris.


A brave Parisienne.


I love Paris!


Vive la France!