Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

A Wise Decision: A Portrait Painting of a Girl and Her Dog

by Nomi Wagner

This past August I photographed a little girl for a portrait painting commissioned by her grandmother in Pennsylvania. The little girl and her parents live here in Southern California, a couple of hours inland. They wanted to have her portrait with our beach in the background, and they decided to include their two beloved dogs, Hagen and Nicho. Hagen was elegant and no problem, but little Nicho was a handful for their daughter. I took lots of photos and ended up creating the portrait painting by referring to several of the shots.

I was shocked to receive this email January 9th:

Dear Nomi,
Your art proved more valuable than we could ever have imagined. Hagen suddenly and unexpectedly died a couple of days before Christmas. Your painting now hangs on our wall, with far more meaning than it may have ever had before. We are still dealing with the loss, of course, but are grateful that you were able to capture him so well for us.

I hope this bittersweet story motivates you to make sure you get good photos of all your loved ones. As a photographer and now a portrait painter, I have heard too often the opposite story … of people who do not have photographs of their family members and pets.

Maybe a smart New Year’s resolution would be to visit a professional photographer in your town. You will be so glad you did. And maybe you could contact a certain California portrait artist to create a gorgeous painting for you! As professional photographers and painters, our mission is to help you surround yourself each day with beautiful and lasting memories.