Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

A Portrait Painting of Four Children in Holland

by Nomi Wagner

Maybe you remember my Blog Post from January 12, 2012. I had received an email from a couple in Holland whose new baby was named Nomi Wagner. They Googled her name and found me.

… Recently, while we searched on the web (Google), we discovered there already exists a Nomi Wagner. We looked at your website and were curious if you can make a portrait of our daughter: ‘Nomi Wagner’ painted by … Nomi Wagner!

I did do the painting and also sent them a drawing of Nomi. We kept in touch and I was delighted to hear that the Wagners were expecting their second baby in Spring 2013. My husband and I had planned a trip to Europe and we were hoping to be able to get together with them. The only potential problem was that their new baby was due at the exact same time as our trip!

Well, everything worked out magically. We got together on Saturday, April 27, and celebrated our wedding anniversary at a lovely dinner with little Nomi and her parents and their two older children. After dinner we all drove to a charming wooded area, next to a river and took lots of photos. Here's one of me with the Wagners and little Nomi.

The Wagners had expressed a desire to present a portrait painting of their (soon to be) four children to their parents for their 50th wedding anniversary in January of this year. I photographed Nomi and her two older siblings, leaving a space for the new baby. When we were saying our goodbyes at their home that evening, I said, “Ok, I have the photos. You can have the baby now!” And they did, the very next evening!

In the months after the birth, the Wagners emailed me lots of photos of their new baby boy. My painting kept changing as he matured! In December, we shipped 2 canvasses of the 30x40 painting, one for the grandparents’ gift and one for the Wagners’ home. Smaller watercolor prints were shipped for Dr. Wagner’s office and for the older children.

I hope our story continues and we will see the lovely Wagner family again, either here in the US or (fingers crossed!) on another marvelous trip to beautiful Holland. Final Portrait Painting of the Wagner Children

Final Portrait Painting of the Wagner Children