Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Beautiful Friend, Beautiful Words

by Nomi Wagner

I was honored to photograph my beautiful and brilliant friend, Denise Emanuel Clemen. Denise has just had her first book, Birth Mother, a Memoir, published by Shebooks.     Shebooks is an e-publisher publishing short books by women for women. (Actually several of the husbands of my book club members, mine included, read the book and enjoyed it. If any of you men out there want insider information on how we women really think, get yourself a Shebooks subscription!) 

Birth Mother, a Memoir, is available from Shebooks, Amazon, and from Barnes and Noble for the Nook. 

Here is a description of Denise’s book from Shebooks:

“In this emotionally detailed memoir of an agonizing year in small town USA, Denise Emanuel Clemen takes us inside the shame, confusion and fear that attended her unplanned pregnancy in the days before Roe v. Wade, when the only options for an unwed teen mother were secret adoption or public disgrace. A shattering portrait of an American era.” 

And here is a link to my review on Amazon. (I'm Naomi.)