Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Babyface Portrait Paintings Are Born!

by Nomi Wagner

Last April, I received an email from a young mother in Alabama. Browsing the Internet, she had seen a close-up painting of a baby by an artist in China. While searching for an artist in the U.S., she discovered my website and asked if I could paint a similar portrait of her baby girl. 

Painting her portrait was so much fun for me. I couldn’t stop singing …

♪ ♫ Babyface, you’ve got the cutest little Babyface! ♬♭

 … and that’s how Babyfaces by Nomi was born!

I am really excited about creating these portraits of precious little babies and toddlers.

Here is how my latest Babyface came about:

November 19, 2015
Dear Nomi – 
I am in awe of your website – such beautiful work. I would love for you to consider a Babyface portrait of our son, as a gift to my wife this Holiday season (if not too late). If it will not be possible by Christmas, let me know and we will try for another time next year. My wife's heart will melt when she sees your efforts. Here is the photo I would like you to reference.
Thank you,
Hermosa Beach, CA

Dear Evan,
Thank you for your kind words about my work. So glad you like my new Babyfaces!  You will have your son’s painting in time for Valentine’s Day.
I appreciate your patience,

Work in Progress

OMG Nomi. I love it already. It’s amazing!"

Dear Nomi,
I’ve looked at t
he jpeg of the finished portrait you emailed 200 times now. It makes me cry!!! It is literally exactly how he looks. It is beautiful. I love it. I can't wait to receive the actual framed portrait and surprise my wife. She will adore it. You have been an absolute joy to work with. When we are blessed with another baby, you’ll be hearing from me!

♪ ♫ Babyface, you’ve got the cutest little Babyface! ♬♭

January 21, 2016
Dear Nomi,
We just got it!!!!!! I couldn't wait for Valentine's Day to give it to my wife! We are so in love with it! It's perfect. Even better than we could have imagined from the emails. As long as I live, this portrait will remind me of my first child's face at this precious time of his life. You captured his smile and spirit. That's what is so special. Is it ok if we share your contact and refer friends to you!!? I don't want to make you busier than you want to be!