Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Painting Portraits of Babies and Toddlers

by Nomi Wagner

I am truly thrilled to be painting portraits of darling little babies and toddlers. Looking at their adorable faces and expressions lifts my heart and keeps me smiling. I can actually feel a physical change come over me. I’ve heard we are wired to respond to cute babies so that they are cared for. How lucky I am to have found a way for cute babies to care for me!

My mother passed away in December, at almost 98. Up until last May when she fell, she was driving (yikes!) to her volunteer job at the local hospital. If I am so blessed, I could paint Babyfaces for 21 more years. I am holding that dream, but whatever amount of time I get … it will have been a great ride and I will have been one very fortunate artist!