Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Graduation Portrait Painting

by Nomi Wagner

My granddaughter Rachel and her boyfriend Charles just graduated from the University of Oregon. I wanted to commemorate their marvelous accomplishments by creating a fun portrait painting for them. I decided to use my Pen & Ink with Watercolor technique, for an upbeat look.

The University of Oregon has a wonderful big yellow “O” for their logo. In this particular photo, the kids had joined hands to make the “O.” It’s a wonderful tradition at Oregon. All the graduates were making “O’s.” It was an exciting day for them and for our family.                                                

I had thought of painting an iconic campus building behind their portraits. While looking online for a building, I noticed the yellow ”O” logo. It was a stroke of luck! I took some artistic liberties and drew a stretched out “O.” It worked with their pose and seemed like the perfect metaphor for the two of them, emerging from their Oregon college years into brand new lives.

PS  Rachel and Charles just got jobs in their respective fields! Go Ducks!!!