Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Custom Portrait Painting of a Baby Boy

by Nomi Wagner

I’d like to show you how I painted my latest portrait. A new client in Virginia requested a full-length painting of her one-year-old baby boy. She emailed adorable professional photographs, which kept me smiling throughout the process. This little guy is so darn cute! I wanted to make sure that his personality came through in my painting and that he wasn't overwhelmed by his clothing or the objects in the background.

The only problem was that my favorite photo of his face had a much better expression than the photo of him standing. Fortunately, I was able to combine the two reference photos and paint a natural-looking portrait.
                               Photo Credit: Crystal Werner, Little Sun Photography, Columbia, MD

The most challenging parts of the portrait were his plaid shirt and his right hand. Plaids are so much more complex than we think … I admire the creativity and patience of fabric designers. My brain gets really confused when painting plaid, but it’s probably good for me to have to figure out the patterns. Here is a closeup of my painting of the plaid.

In painting this darling portrait, I also got to paint reflections, which is always fun for me. I loved how the colors of his plaid shirt and the bricks were reflected in the shiny park bench

Dear Nomi,
I love it!! He looks great! I can't wait to get it framed! Thanks again!

Alexandria, VA