Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

A Portrait Painting of Three Doggies

by Nomi Wagner

This portrait was a Christmas morning surprise gift, commissioned by a client in Florida for his girlfriend. I put together the pose from photos he took when she was at work and one he took at the mall. It was really fun working with him on this surprise.

I enjoyed painting the individual markings of each doggie and watching their darling personalities emerge.

I started putting in the shadows, but you can see that I was painting them incorrectly because my sources were from photos taken on different days, at different times of day. Ooops! I thankfully realized my mistake and repainted the shadows in the final portrait seen at the top of this post.Dear Nomi,
I want to thank you for this beautiful gift. Your commitment and skill in painting my babies in the same light as I see them is so greatly appreciated. You are more than an artist, you put heart into your work and it shows. Many are asking who the artist is and I am proud to share your work with the world!!
Palm Beach