Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

Portrait Painting of a Doberman Pinscher

by Nomi Wagner

Fergie — Montana Champion with a Royal Namesake

Read how a little snapshot inspired a beloved pet painting.

Portrait Painting of a Doberman Pincher

Dear Nomi,
I’m hoping you can paint a portrait of my special pet, Fergie. She passed away from heart disease in 2013.

I am very open to your suggestions and respect your opinion as the artist. Maybe just some soft color in the background? I know I want it pretty large, like maybe 24 X 36.

I regret that I never took any close up portrait type photos of Fergie, like I have done for my other dogs. Hope you can make this snapshot work.

To give you some background, I am an AKC Breeder of Merit. Fergie’s grandmother, mother and Fergie lived with us their entire lives. Fergie and her mother both were bred, delivered and trained by me.

Many presumed she was named after Fergie the popular female singer. But Fergie got her nickname after a business trip to England where my husband and I spent some time with Prince Charles.

Prince Charles’ former sister in law was Sarah Ferguson, “Fergie,” the Duchess of York. She is a red haired, fun loving woman … so I named my red female puppy after her.

I’m really anxious to work with you on this piece of art. I have wanted this portrait since Fergie passed away. It means so much to me.

Las Vegas, NV

Hi Lora,
I'm enjoying painting the portrait of Fergie, with all her colorful markings. She was definitely descended from royalty. So elegant and statuesque.

Hi Nomi,
She looks absolutely fabulous! It’s like having Fergie in front of me. With just that snapshot for reference, you have captured the glint in Fergie’s eyes and zest for life in her expression. I am going to treasure this beautiful piece of art and put it in a place of honor.

Hi Lora,
So glad you like it. Let me know what you would like for a background … some color, or perhaps a scene? 

Hi Nomi,
A scene would be nice. Fergie was born at our Las Vegas home in July 2007, but her favorite place was our second home along the Bitterroot Mountain Range in western Montana.

Fergie loved “being a dog” and romping across the fields of our property. There are ponderosa pines, aspen and grasses of all descriptions. Something along those colors or themes would be great, if possible. Here are some landscape photos from around our home in Montana.

Hi Lora,
I can paint it as an autumn scene so that the background harmonizes with Fergie’s coloring. I’ll leave hints of evergreens and blue sky for contrast.

Thank you Nomi! I am so pleased with this art piece and excited to have it custom framed in maybe a rustic weathered wood. I will remember Fergie fondly every time I glance at her portrait on the wall. It will happily and proudly be hung in a prominent place of honor in our home. I would also like an 11x14” for a table frame in my second home. 

Fergie had what I call a wise “old soul” kind of wisdom and I was proud to call her one of my heart dogs. Heart dogs to me are those special dogs that are great companions, friends and confidants. By having them in your life, your heart is forever changed. Beloved Fergie was a special girl and dear friend to me. I miss her and am going to treasure this painting.

I am very appreciative of your fine work. You were so easy to work with and seemed to read my mind about my preferences.

Note from Nomi:

Painting Fergie’s portrait for Lora felt magical … it all came together so perfectly. I believe that Fergie herself had a lot to do with the success of this painting. She did it for Lora and I was lucky to be the artist they both chose.

I certainly understand the pain of losing a beloved pet. I hope you will share this post with family and friends. I would love to paint more pet portraits.

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PS  Hi Nomi,
I've gotten lots of compliments on the painting. Folks who knew Fergie recognize her from your art work. Here's a photo of how I had it framed.

25 x 37 inches on fine art watercolor paper