Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist

An International Christmas Portrait

by Nomi Wagner

Baby Alice's Portrait PaintingBaby Alice's Portrait Painting

‘Twas three weeks before Christmas, when inside the house,
An elf was painting portraits with a stylus, not a mouse.

Oy! From her computer there arose such a clatter,
She sprang from her stool to see what was the matter.

It was not quite like thunder, more of a “Bing!”
‘Twas an email from Down Under, a lovely thing.

A grandmother in Australia, searching on Google,
Had found this Oxnard elf, who could do more than doodle.

The grandma's son, wife and baby had moved far away.
Could the baby’s portrait arrive in Germany by Christmas Day?

“Fear not” replied the elf, pretty good at technology,
“The USPS is swifter than the gods in Greek mythology.”

Then Elf spoke not a word, but went straight to her painting,
And finished the little one’s portrait with few minutes remaining.

Elf’s husband printed the portrait and making a label online,
He rushed to the postal store like St. Nick, just in time.

Then heard in a twinkling, on a snowy German roof,
Not the prancing and pawing of each little hoof,

But a postman with a package and a scanner going “Beep.”
“Be careful up there, Fella! Use the chimney, don’t leap!”

The little family’s eyes how they twinkled, their dimples so merry,
They have a baby portrait from Grandma that will be legendary.

From Australia, Oxnard, and Germany comes our wish via satellite:



(Elf sends her appreciation and apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, the author of

A Visit from St. Nicholas, New York, 1823)



Reference photoReference Photo

Work in Progress Work in Progress

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new client, Beatrice, an author and artist. Beatrice gave me free rein to change whatever I wanted in her granddaughter Alice’s portrait.


This truly is an international story. Beatrice moved from Germany, with her three children (all artists and writers), to beautiful Sunshine Beach at the Noosa National Park in Queensland, Australia.


Now an art therapist at a drug rehab, Beatrice is also a Qigong student and will be traveling to Hainan, China to study with a Qigong Master. Beatrice is developing a sitting Qigong program and YouTube video to help her partner and others in wheelchairs and hospitals.


Beatrice’s mother was born in Saxony, Germany and her father in Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia. They met in 1945 after the war, in a refugee village near Regensburg, Germany, the medieval Bavarian city where her mother still lives. 


Baby Alice and her mother and father moved from Australia to Germany 3 months ago. They have bought an old house in Colditz, with one wall touching the Colditz Castle. It’s thrilling for me to have my painting travel world-wide and then hang next to a castle.


Please enjoy more of my blog posts or explore the website to see my artwork. Many of my clients contact me because, like Beatrice, they want to give a personal gift. Others contact me because they desire a portrait of a beloved family member or pet who has passed away. This elf is always here to help.


Wishing you and your family a Peaceful, Happy and Healthy 2018, full of love.

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