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In my West Los Angeles studios, I photographed children for 18 years. For the past 21 years I have created children’s watercolor portrait paintings from photo references. Children love seeing themselves in portraits and will always appreciate that their family commissioned a special painting of them.

Most of my clients do not have one particular source photo that is perfect for their child’s portrait painting, so they email me lots of photos and I create a portrait painting referring to several of their child’s photos. In fact, many of the portrait paintings become a kind of fantasy, with backgrounds different from the reference photos, pets added to the portrait painting, and combined poses with more than one child.

Many families have me paint each child’s portrait at the same age so that they can have a collection of their children’s portrait paintings. Other families commission me to paint their children at different stages in their lives. What were simple photos, inspire me to paint unique portrait paintings to be cherished by these families for generations to come.

I often hear from my portrait photography clients who are still enjoying their portraits after all these years. It's so gratifying to know that I got to have all this fun, fulfilling my creative needs, and that my portrait photographs and paintings will outlast me!

Client Testimonials

Hi Nomi,
The portrait is AMAZING!! I have been meaning to email you to tell you how absolutely stunning it is. I love it and am blown away. You have an incredible talent! You captured her perfectly!!!  It’s almost like I can hear her giggling when I look at it. It’s really an awesome painting. I used to work for Sotheby's auction house, and a high-end painting gallery in Manhattan, so I've seen a lot of portrait drawings and paintings in my day. I can really see and tell the quality of detail you put into this! Thank you again for matching it so well to the previous portrait you painted of our older daughter. When the new painting is back from the framer I will send you a picture of both portraits hanging side by side.
Thank you!!!  
Malvern, Pennsylvania

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