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You are welcome to either email Nomi or phone her at 805-985-3579, for any information. She looks forward to hearing from you.

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If you have the reference photo(s) for your portrait, please email them so Nomi can give you an estimate.

NOTE from Nomi:

I’m sorry, but despite many requests, I cannot create portraits combining people who have passed away with babies or children they never met.

Depending on the complexity, it takes me days, usually weeks, to draw and paint any portrait commission. That leaves no time to combine various dissimilar photos of people into a brand-new family grouping.

However ... if you email reference photos with adults, children, babies, or pets already in compatible poses, I might be able to merge the photos into a convincing portrait source. I want to create a beautiful and believable portrait for you, so please send high resolution photos in which I can see faces, bodies and extremities accurately posed.

Thank you



at Mandalay Beach
2003 San Tropez Circle
Oxnard, CA 93035
Phone: 805-985-3579 

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  • Carlen Newtown, CT

    Hi Nomi, Amazing!! It’s so cool - your talent and gift. I love to be able to see the painting coming together with the jpegs you are sending of the work in progress. Just beautiful!

  • Heather Santa Rosa, CA

    Dear Nomi, Thank you for the kindness you have shown my family by creating such an amazing memory of our baby. Losing her was the worst experience in my life. Your portrait will help us remember her forever. I look at it often and feel a happiness, seeing her in this portrait. Before, I couldn’t feel anything but sadness and anger. You have helped heal my heart.

  • Bill Washington, D.C.

    Dear Nomi, Our family painting is nothing short of mind-blowing! My wife LOVES it and can't wait to show it off prominently in our home. Thanks so much for this masterpiece, which was the hit of the party. I honestly cannot remember ever being this excited to give a gift to anyone. It's been an absolute delight working with you and I cannot thank you enough for making this the best anniversary I could dream of.

  • Tony Cardiff, South Wales

    Nomi, Love it! You are a wonder. Thank you from a grieving husband who has had his wish fulfilled.

  • Robin Nampa, Idaho

    Hi Nomi, We love the painting of our granddaughter and have received so many compliments. You did a great job of capturing the magic of our youngest rising star! Her portrait will be a keepsake for generations to come. We love your work, think our image is priceless, and wish you continued success.

  • Shelley Branford, CT

    Dear Nomi, Please share our painting on your website. Everyone in the universe needs to see what an awesome artist you are!

  • Evan Hermosa Beach, CA

    Dear Nomi, I’ve looked at the portrait on your email 200 times now. It makes me cry!!! It is literally exactly how he looks. It is beautiful. I love it. I am so excited to receive the actual portrait and surprise my wife. She will love it. You have been an absolute joy to work with. When we are blessed with another baby, you’ll be hearing from me!

  • Brittanii Bakersfield, CA

    Nomi, IT IS PERFECT! The amount of detail that you got, the way you captured our baby’s essence, her perfect little curls, her chubby little cheeks, and her perfect little hands! Thank you for pouring your heart into this bittersweet painting. I was completely surprised and cried and cried. It means the world to me.

  • Angela Falls Church, VA

    Nomi, HOW can I thank you? I am so happy with my painting. Not only because of the end result but because you are wonderful to work with. My best gift ever!

  • Bob N. Clarendon, VT

    Nomi, If there is an accolade above excellent, your work has achieved that status. The painting came today and is outstanding! I only wish Carol Ann could be here to see her portrait.

  • Nancy, Gensler Architecture San Francisco, CA

    Hi Nomi, Great news! All six portraits have been approved by our client. They are very impressed with your work. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for the beautiful paintings. It will be a stunning display.

  • Steve Downingtown, PA

    Nomi, Thank you once again for the beautifully rendered portrait of my darling wife. I was blown away when I opened the full sized portrait in the framing store and nearly wept gazing at it. It's a masterpiece. Now you can add us to your long list of delighted clients.

  • Mary Minneapolis, MN

    Hi Nomi, Tom was absolutely amazed by the portrait. I hope you are in good health and continuing to spread the joy of your portraits to others.

  • Jewelette Charlotte, NC

    Dear Nomi, Absolutely wonderful, my miracle artist! Thank you for transforming our two Thanksgiving Day snapshots into a magnificent family portrait. My in-laws are thrilled with the painting, as are we. You are so talented and to think I found you on Google! I have another commission in mind, so save me a place.

  • Don Toronto, Canada

    Hello Nomi, Your talent, heart, & creativeness bring so much happiness to people all over the world. The warmth, joy and love you mould into your portraits is so very special. You truly are a gift to all of us who have had the opportunity to have your creations hang in our homes. I thank you for this. I can hardly wait for my daughter and her husband to open their gift this year. The drawing you made of our granddaughter is exquisite.