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As a portrait artist, I've painted hundreds of family portraits. It's been my personal goal to create watercolor family portraits for my clients to cherish. My father died in World War II, when I was 5, and my grandparents passed away shortly after. I really missed having a big family and spent hours looking at our family photograph albums. For my 10th birthday I asked for a camera and have been either photographing or painting portraits of family, friends, and clients ever since.

Family groups today are as varied as people’s lives. Family portraits can be the conventional mother, father, and two children. But more than likely, they are untraditional. I've created single parent portraits, portrait paintings of people with their pets, family portraits with same gender parents, as well as portrait paintings of extended families.

The important thing for me is to capture the love in your relationships. I am surrounded with beautiful portraits of my loved ones and find comfort knowing these portraits will be our family's heirlooms. I hope that your portrait painting will also be treasured and handed down for generations to come.

Client Testimonials

Dear Nomi,
OMG, how beautiful!!!!!!!!!! You have captured my relationship with my son, the most precious person in the world to me. It is perfect. I am so grateful for you and your talent.
PS We all adore the portrait you did of my folks.

Laguna Hills, California

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