Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist


How wonderful it is for us to have portrait paintings of our pets. I mostly paint dog portraits, but also cat portraits, horse portraits, bird portraits, and a few prized fish (before they became dinner!)

I cherish the portrait I painted of me with our maltese, BamBam. He has been gone several years now, but I sure miss him and the portrait is a constant reminder of his unconditional love. I know it’s silly of me, but when I look at the painting, I can still feel him in my arms on that windy day at the beach.

Client Testimonials

Dear Nomi,
Your art proved more valuable than we could ever have imagined. Our dog Hagen suddenly and unexpectedly died a couple of days before Christmas. Your painting now hangs on our wall, with far more meaning than it may have ever had before. We are still dealing with the loss, of course, but are grateful that you were able to capture him so well for us.
Burbank, California

Dear Nomi,
Looks just like her.....I cried my heart out when I received it. I will never get over losing her, but this will really help me. I love it. It's perfect. You are very talented.
Thank you so very much,
Dublin, Ohio

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