Nomi Wagner Portrait Artist


Just gave Alice the painting in front of our whole family. The grandchildren are in love with their portrait and Alice is overwhelmed with her surprise. Nomi, it’s incredible. Everyone says it’s alive. Thank you so very much. You are blessed. We are all truly grateful. Happy Mother’s Day to you Nomi.💜💜💜

Robert Biloxi Bay, MS

Nomi, We are over the moon with the grandchildren's portrait. It was the perfect birthday surprise for Janet. I think it's amazing how you painted it as though the kids are flying down the hill and not just sitting at the bottom as in the reference photo. They look great. Glad I ordered an additional painting for their house too.

Neil West Yorkshire, England

Hi Nomi, My fiancée was so surprised and LOVES the portrait. Our friends and family are over the moon about it. You have perfectly captured the memory of our first date. Thank you for making our marriage proposal day extra special.

Patrick Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nomi, The beautiful portrait of Madeline is now framed on the wall. I told you how sad I was and your painting makes me feel like she is still here … so comforting. Maddy was my very best friend for 13 1/2 years. Everybody loved her. Thank you so much … I am grateful for your talent and sensitivity.

Susan Dublin, Ohio

What an exceptional talent you have, Nomi. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and creating such a lovely picture for our home. We love how you improvised with her dress. It's amazing and it truly captures the love that our daughters already share for one another. We love it :)

Autumn Carlsbad, California

When we looked at the girls' portrait we kept saying "Oh My God" over and over. I was speechless. Beautiful is all I can say, and breathtaking. I cannot wait to get my grandsons' paintings done. Still working on getting the photographs asap. I would love to also have a friend's daughter done as a gift for them. The portrait is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!!!!!!!

Edgar G. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am excited to now be getting another of your paintings! I love the portrait you did of our horse! It's my favorite art in our home.

Sheila C. Southington, Connecticut

We wanted to write this testimonial to sing the praises of our good friend Nomi Wagner. She has been documenting the growth of our family for the past 20 years! Our home has a long hallway we call the "Nomi Gallery" with portraits proudly hung in chronological order—fun for us as well as everyone who visits us! Nomi is extremely talented and we love each and every piece of art she has created for us, from the studio portraits and location sessions of her photography career to her stunning paintings and drawings. Genius. Beautiful. Just mention her name in any group and you can bet someone will jump in with “You know Nomi?! Isn't she wonderful!!!!!” We are indeed fortunate to have Nomi as part of our lives and to call her "family"!! Nomi we love you!

Tierney and Bob T. Santa Rosa Valley, California

Thank you so much Nomi for sending the framed portrait for my office. My staff and clients have been in awe of your art. Your masterful works will grace both my home and office for years to come. May you continue to bring joy to the homes and hearts of many other families as I have benefited.

David L. Los Angeles, California

We love our portrait so much! My birthday passed again this weekend and I keep looking up at my "big gift" from last year, on our mantel. I can't imagine ever having a better present in my life. Thank you so much!

Paula B. Hermosa Beach, California

I smile every time I pass the wall where the portraits by Nomi of our seven grandchildren are hanging. We have black and white, sepia tone, and color portraits, each capturing the uniqueness of the individual child. We just sent Nomi a photo of our 8th grandchild and are eager for it to join the other portraits. Our grandchildren love to look at their own portraits as well as those of their siblings and cousins. Thank you, Nomi!

Pauline R. Mercer Island, Washington

Oh my gosh, the painting of our doggies is beautiful! Just how I envisioned it.

Lynette C. Columbus, Ohio

Last night was our 40th anniversary. We were gone all day. I had my decorator hang your picture and decorate the mantel and room. She turned off all the lights except above the painting. My husband was blown away and can't stop talking about how good it is. You helped make our day fabulous. Thank you for your amazing talent.

Dianne C. Canyon Country, California

All good here. The fire missed us by 400 yards. You'll be pleased to know that when we got a midnight call in Rome that the neighborhood was about to be evacuated, my wife told our sitter to bring the kids, the dog and Nomi's painting. Personally, I thought it was ridiculous to bring the dog, she might mess up the painting!

Cliff C. San Bernardino, California

I have gotten so many compliments on your portrait, I can't even count them. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!! Thank you so much!! I was just in Florida visiting my in-laws and they have placed theirs over the mantel in the living room for everyone to see.

Bliss W. Hidden Hills, California